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Weed & Pest Management

Simplified agricultural operations

Revolutionize your weed and pest management practices

With our weed and pest solution, you more easily track and manage infestations and inspections in the field using our mobile tool. Comply with legislative requirements and stay on top of agricultural tasks with our proven weed and pest management software.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate reports, notices, and letters to monitor not only infestations but also productivity

Simplify Processes

Simplify your inspection processes by viewing and collecting accurate data from your mobile device

Keep Practices Compliant

Stay compliant with legislative requirements with centralized and easily accessible information

Integrate Data

Consolidate and integrate information while working offline to ensure continuity and ease of access no matter where you are

Features built for a modern government

Digital Tracking

Track weed and pest inspections digitally, eliminating paper records and improving administrative workload.

Auto-Generated Reports

Produce notices and letters, review progress year over year, and electronically manage data.

Field Data Collection

View and collect data on your mobile device, even without cellular reception.

Data Integration

Prevent duplicate entries through integrated data that automatically syncs with GIS solutions.

Learn more about the Catalis solutions that are modernizing governments across North America.

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Request Management Solutions

Receive citizen requests and address issues promptly with our user-friendly request management tool. Our solution organizes service requests and produces customizable reports.

Permitting & License Management

Automate and simplify the permit application process by allowing citizens to apply online. Streamline permit routing and license reviews to save your staff time.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Equip your municipality with impactful tools that combine a customizable financial platform with responsive support. Your staff can automate processes like compiling, analyzing, and sharing data.

Infrastructure Management

Integrate and manage infrastructure asset data to be used by financial and public works personnel. Enable your government to make informed planning decisions using accurate, municipal-owned asset data.

Geographic Information System

Track field data with a unified, mobile-ready solution. Municipalities can leverage customizable geographic details for property insights, asset reporting, and tax information.