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Data Visualization

Dynamic performance insights built for customization

Create visual explanations with interactive data sets

Municipalities can transform data into meaningful stories with our Data Visualization solution. Leverage the power of data to connect with your community and engage your residents.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Data-Driven Storytelling

Share data-driven stories with your community in understandable ways using intuitive data visualizations

Citizen Transparency

Implement a single source for municipality transparency, fostering citizen trust and engagement


Easily upload data and tell your story with our end-user-driven templates

Empower Staff

Share content and metrics based on best practices without having to draw on IT resources.

Deepen Citizen Engagement

Interactive Portal

Create a single source for municipality transparency

Customized Views

Modify data visualizations and deliver tailored chairs and government data visualization graphs via your website

Self-Service Dashboards

Reduce incoming data requests with user-friendly, self-service dashboards

Key Performance Dashboard Templates

Expedite data with templates that offer interactive reports, charts, and key performance indicators
Learn more about the Catalis solutions that are modernizing governments across North America.

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Website Management

With our website management solution, your municipality can get everything you need to design, develop, and maintain your online presence.

Meeting Management

Organize meetings more efficiently with interactive document management, task tracking, and agenda control tools.

Mass Notification

Send and manage communications to residents via multiple media channels using our centralized notification solution.

Economic Development Dashboard

Automate data collection and visualization, allowing your local government to compare ​​performance with municipalities across North America.