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Regulatory Financial Service

Real-time fraud prevention

Protecting consumers against non-compliant transactions

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A Conversation with John Barnes, Vice President of Government Relations, Regulatory Financial Service Compliance - Financial Compliance Solutions
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We're Here To Help
A Conversation with John Barnes, Vice President of Government Relations, Regulatory Financial Service Compliance - Cannabis Regulatory Solutions
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Our Regulatory Financial Service Compliance software helps agencies actively identify and prevent loan and credit transactions that violate compliance guidelines. Ensure efficient oversight with an regulatory solution that protects your consumers and state banking organization.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Tailored Solutions

Get customized regulatory software solutions to meet your government agency’s regulatory and compliance needs

End-to-End Cannabis Solution

Patient and caregiver registration; business licensing; call center support and ID card printing; our suite of regulatory products and services covers every sector of the cannabis marketplace

Real-time Technology Solutions

Get the tools you need to protect consumers and promote healthy markets for regulated industries

Exceptional Support

Rely on our in-house staff for expertise and assistance when you need it

Features built for a modern government

Point-of-Sale Verification

Validate point-of-sale transaction compliance with minimal effort from your organization.

Business Licensing & Compliance

As an industry provider or dispensary, our solution supports your specific licensing and compliance requirements.

Payment Processing

Process nearly any type of payment with our flexible solution.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

With our robust, on-demand reporting suite you can pull custom reports that support data-driven decisions.
Learn more about the Catalis solutions that are modernizing governments across North America.

Explore more Regulatory & Compliance solutions

College Savings (529) Plan Administration

Streamline college savings record management with an advanced tool that pairs state-of-the-art tech with an intuitive user experience. Keep your records secure with a solution that prioritizes fraud prevention.

ABLE Savings (529A) Plan Administration

Promote savings and program growth with a flexible platform that supports state-level and national program structures. Our solution provides records administration and customer engagement services, adaptable to fit your needs.

Unemployment Insurance Solutions

Automate case workflows and prevent claim backlog with an end-to-end identity proofing and issue management system. Our cloud-based solution supports customized workflows and seamless system integration.