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Court Case Management

All-in-one case management solution

Empowering courts with an integrated platform

From initiation to disposition, agencies can unify the case management process by employing a multifaceted court case management system. Using our pioneering court management solution, you can organize and modify case information in real-time, simplifying proceeding communications.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Comprehensive Platform

Oversee documents, accounting, and event schedules through a unified solution for all-size courts

Adaptable Court Solution

Implement a configurable solution, built to scale to your court size and any case type

Operational Efficiency

Revise case information in real-time, supporting an improved workflow of case backlogs

Case Batch Processing

Eliminate redundant tasks and save time with innovative case batch processing via configurable workflows

Features built for a modern government

Touchscreen In-Court Processing

With touchscreen access, judges can manage the entire bench from a single screen.

Seamless Integration

Deliver greater efficiency to court agencies with a solution that seamlessly integrates with virtually any software.

Robust Data Management

Our solution allows you to maintain and review historical court records with built-in document management.

Public Access

Allow the public to view delegated case information, reducing incoming citizen requests.

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Community Justice Case Management

Streamline day-to-day work activities with tools that enable your staff to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with clients. Automate tasks from pre-trial assessment to drug and alcohol testing, minimizing manual data entry.

Jury Management

Manage the jury selection process with ease and elevate the juror experience with a court solution that facilitates communication. You can even collect juror questionnaire responses and send payments through our online portal.

Online Dispute Resolution

Resolve conflicts faster with an intuitive platform that increases citizen access to justice. Our solution reduces administrative involvement, freeing up staff time to tackle more impactful projects.

Official Records Management

Digitally record, index, and verify documents, allowing you to automate processes and reduce errors. Equip citizens to search, download, and purchase record copies without staff involvement.

E-File Solution

Prepare and submit court document filings entirely online using a self-guided walkthrough of the process. Our e-file solution allows citizens to file documents where and when they want.