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Unemployment Insurance Solutions

Modernized unemployment benefit platform

Prevent and detect identity-based fraud

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A Conversation with Pedro Rosa, General Manager, Unemployment Insurance Solutions
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Workforce agencies are often forced to deal with fraud attempts, persistent backlogs, and overburdened staff. With our end-to-end identity proofing and issue management system, you can reinvent your agency workflows with fully-automated processes.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Fact Finding Automation

Automate much of the clerical work associated with collection information from employers and claimants

Timely Determinations

Gain efficiency through the power of automation and watch your issue-closing metrics rise

Flexible Workflow

Stay current with our system as it automatically adds and updates workflows

Easy Scheduling System Integration

Our modular architecture allows easy integration between your issue management software and your SWA scheduling system

Features built for a modern government


Upload related artifacts and evidence to support issue resolution via cloud-based software.

Real-Time Data

Our solution reflects real-time updates to workflow processes and reporting details for accurate data.

Issue Tracking & Reporting

Review issue information all in one place and extract customizable reports that comply with federal and state reporting requirements.

Complete ID Verification

With our pioneering solution, your agency can actively prevent identity theft using comprehensive ID verification.
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ABLE Savings (529A) Plan Administration

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Regulatory Financial Service Compliance

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