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Infrastructure Management

Data-driven municipal hub for asset management
and infrastructure planning

Monitor and maintain asset data with a comprehensive infrastructure management solution

Using our advanced, fully mobile platform, you can make the right decisions about repairing, maintaining, and replacing community infrastructure. Plus, our in-field asset management tool will support financial data reporting on accounting fundamentals, such as initial cost, depreciation, and replacement cost. This software solution for local governments allows municipalities to manage asset classes all in one place, whenever and wherever needed.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

In-Field Asset Collection

Collect assets in the field and conduct condition assessments using your mobile device

Public Request Portal

Provide citizens with the ability to submit maintenance requests, notify internal teams, and track request progress

Integrated Requests & Reporting

Create service requests, work orders, and maintenance reports, and simply attach them to assets. Transform plans into outcomes with future-focused forecasting tools

Centralized Asset Database

Manage and track attributes and conditions of municipal-owned assets such as roads, sewers, fleets, equipment, and buildings in a single unified database

Experienced Support

Receive expert support for solution onboarding, inquiries, and beyond

Advanced Asset Inventory

Conduct condition, risk, and level of service assessments

Features built for a modern government

Mapping Integration

Your municipality can integrate infrastructure data seamlessly with our geographic information system (GIS) to help you meet your asset management goals.

Asset Management Services

Take advantage of asset management services such as comprehensive planning, customized training programs, and asset roadmap development.

Workflow Optimization

Our software solution for local governments allows you to produce service requests, work orders, and maintenance reports, and then attach them to assets for comprehensive project management.

Learn more about the Catalis solutions that are modernizing governments across North America.

Explore more Public Works solutions

Request Management Enterprise

Receive citizen requests and address issues promptly with our user-friendly request management tool. Our solution organizes service requests and produces customizable reports.

Permitting & Licensing Management

Automate and simplify the permit application process by allowing citizens to apply online. Streamline permit routing and license reviews to save your staff time.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Equip your municipality with impactful tools that combine a customizable financial platform with responsive support. Your staff can automate processes like compiling, analyzing, and sharing data.

Geographic Information System

Track field data with a unified, mobile-ready solution. Municipalities can leverage customizable geographic details for property insights, asset reporting, and tax information.

Weed & Pest Management

Easily track and manage infestations and inspections in the field using our mobile tool. Comply with legislative requirements and stay on top of agricultural tasks.