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Regulatory & Compliance

Digital compliance solutions for evolving regulatory standards

Harnessing proven technology solutions to stay compliant

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Regulatory & Compliance

Catalis’ comprehensive solutions address critical compliance needs, helping agencies stay on top of the latest state, local, and federal regulatory changes with ease.

Your government agency can maintain continuous efficiency by leveraging unified software systems, real-time data, and improved workflows. From state agencies to treasury offices and beyond, we’ll match you with the right solutions to help you thrive in an increasingly digital world.

College Savings (529) Plan Administration

Streamline college savings record management with an advanced tool that pairs state-of-the-art tech with an intuitive user experience. Keep your records secure with a solution that prioritizes fraud prevention.

ABLE Savings (529A) Plan Administration

Promote savings and program growth with a flexible platform that supports state-level and national program structures. Our solution provides records administration and customer engagement services, adaptable to fit your needs.

Unemployment Insurance Solutions

Automate case workflows and prevent claim backlog with an end-to-end identity proofing and issue management system. Our cloud-based solution supports customized workflows and seamless system integration.

Regulatory Financial Service Compliance

Safeguard consumers and block non-compliant transactions in real time with our innovative financial compliance technology. Meet your agency’s regulatory needs with tailored solutions for all-size governments.

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A Conversation with Richard Stierwalt, Executive Vice President Regulatory & Compliance Vertical
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