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Request Management Enterprise

Leading Citizen Request Management Solution

Command Center for

Your Call Center

In the blink of an eye, users of all technical levels can effortlessly navigate our sleek and intuitive CRM interface. Our cutting-edge, cloud-based software empowers staff to seamlessly manage multiple tasks from a single browser window.

Enhancing call centers and 311 initiatives

Our “Call Center” feature provides a unified, all-in-one view for users to handle requests, access knowledgebase articles, and track previous submissions. Gain valuable insights into the entire issue resolution process with just a few clicks.

Streamlining service requests

Our intelligent routing system enables staff to concentrate on relevant tasks and prioritize their workloads with ease. Keep a close eye on staff performance at various levels, ensuring accountability and maintaining high service standards. Experience the future of 311 software with our innovative solutions.



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Evanston 311

Platform Upgrade

Explore Evanston’s 311 platform upgrade journey in a City of Evanston, IL video testimonial. Witness the transformation of city services and the profound impact of technology on citizen engagement. Join us on this exciting venture toward a more connected and responsive government!

Our Most Popular

Program Features

Customizable request views

Create and save custom Views for different service types, geographic areas, status, and more.

Issue Map View

View request data as an interactive map, to quickly identify geographic patterns and “hot spots.”

Bulk Edit/Update of Requests

Perform bulk operations to update or close a series of related requests in a single action.

Easy Service Request Entry

Simple, streamlined, and intuitive interface makes request entry a snap for both residents and staff.


Reassign, Update, and Close service requests

Use powerful tools that introduce workflow automation and facilitate end-to-end management of your municipal services. Create a detailed history of each request and maintain constant communication with residents throughout the service process.

Access to full knowledge base

Create Knowledge Base articles to address frequently asked questions, explain policies, or direct residents to additional resources related to your municipal services to reduce citizen inquiries.

Mobile Ipad App

Respond to service requests, update records, and log work directly from the field – even without a consistent internet connection.

user notices

Display attention-grabbing notifications about emergent situations or hazardous conditions in context to communicate important information to both residents and staff.

Routing, Updates, and Notifications


Request Management Enterprise (RME) revolutionizes service request management with its state-of-the-art automation features. Tailored to the specific request type, our system effortlessly handles routing and escalations, ensuring that every issue is promptly addressed and resolved.

Stay in the loop and never miss a beat with our automatic email updates, keeping everyone informed about the progress of their requests. Gone are the days of lost or unresolved issues – Request Management Enterprise’s advanced automation guarantees efficient handling and seamless tracking.

When it’s time to provide progress updates to submitters, our intuitive interface lets staff trigger notifications with a simple checkmark. But that’s not all – besides emails, you can customize and automate branded responses across multiple channels, including robocalls, texts, and tweets, ensuring a seamless and modern communication experience with the public.

Customize and


Automated Routing

Direct service requests directly to the responsible party with robust automation, to assign service requests to the correct staff instantaneously – with no need for manual review.

Branded Emails

Customize all citizen notification emails with colors, fonts, and logos to match your municipal brand.

Custom text responses

Share updates with citizens via SMS message.

custom robo call responses

Customize AI-generated voice call.

Automatic & Manual Notification Options

Set up automatic notifications for citizens and staff or send them manually.

Instant Notification Upon Submission

Instant confirmation of submission to the resident via push notification (with companion mobile app), email, text, or voice call.

Powerful, interactive reporting and dashboards for staff and citizens

Tell your story and publish your information the way you want. By integrating RME Advanced Reporting and the Citizen Request Management system, you can access, reuse, and share data to enhance relationships with your staff and your citizens. RME Advanced Reporting is scalable, allowing you to create a one-stop shop for all your transparency and open-data needs.

Citizen Dashboards

Empower & Engage Your Citizens

  • Present visual stories in dashboards and interactive reports
  • Display data in meaningful and easily understood charts
  • Search and download information
  • Increase trust and civic involvement
  • Create a greater sense of community belonging


Scheduled Reporting

Deliver reports to staff inboxes automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual schedule.

Interactive Charts

Hover over chart elements to see display values or quickly apply filters on demand.

Open & Transparent Government

Embed reports and charts on your website, with real-time data updates to support open and transparent governance.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Monitor service volume, response time, completion status, and more at a glance and in real time from your customized reporting dashboard.

Powerful, Interactive, Public


Citizen Reporting is an interactive reporting and performance data platform that plugs right into your web portal.

Using our seamless integration, your organization can leverage your data, reusing and sharing it to enhance your relationships with your staff and your citizens.

Create interactive charts around your service requests, inquiries, and concerns to show what is done and how goals are achieved.


Being a leader in CRM technology, we understand the importance of integrating with other software solutions. With Request Management Enterprise we have an available and open API that allows just that. In addition to from integrating with our Catalis solutions like Work Order Management or Inventory Management, we integrate and partner with dozens of other software solutions/companies. See just some of them below.

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