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GIS & Sketching Technology

Adaptable visualization tools

Assess efficiently with full-scale GIS and sketching solutions

The Future of

GIS & Sketching Technology

Local governments can rest assured that all assets of data are accurate when using our highly flexible suite of tools. From adaptable maps to exact building sketches, our sketch and mapping solutions help agencies operate with optimum efficiency.

Integrated Technologies

Integrate your mapping and graphical sketching technologies for precise assessing and valuation analyses.

Full Feature Sketching

Draw your sketch with a mouse or keyboard and update to reflect the building form and values.

Customizable Maps

Configure maps, reports, and search tools to meet the unique needs of your local government.

Accurate Calculations

Sync sketches and maps with CAMA software for your calculations and analytics.

Features built for a

Modern Government

Real-Time Synchronization

Our progressive sketch mapping solution applies updates when parcel records change and automatically implements modifications to your software.

Reporting & Auditing

Improve reporting and auditing across departments with reliable analytics.

Standalone Option

You can choose to use our graphical sketching technology with our CAMA solution, or pair it standalone with another software platform.

Better Communication

Boost communication efficiency with the ability to save and share maps across the office, tailored to meet each department’s needs.

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Billing & Collections

Streamline your billing and collections process with a cloud-based solution. Our platform replaces the need for multiple vendors through billing, collections, cashiering, and more.

Escrow Payment Management

Simplify escrow payments with automated workflows, seamless refunds, and robust reporting. Reduce duplicate payments with software that ensures accuracy.

Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA)

Deliver accurate and consistent property values for all-size jurisdictions. Leverage a comprehensive solution that prioritizes reliability and compliance.

Mass Appraisal Services

Assist jurisdictions in the assessment process with complete mass appraisal services including data verification and property valuation.

Property Tax Oversight & Administration

Our fully configurable suite of web applications gives administrators access to data that supports automated workflows and improved analytics to ensure fair and equitable taxation.