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Escrow Payment Management

Web-based solution for automated payments

Simplify bulk real estate tax payments

The Future of

Escrow Payment Management

With our time-saving tool, tax collectors can streamline escrow payment processes with robust reporting, data retrieval, and automated workflows. Our advanced solution even eliminates the need for balancing checks, manual posting, and refund processing.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Better Communication

Reduce communication with multiple escrow companies and streamline tax payment processes.

Payment Integration

Simplify real estate tax payments with seamless integration, electronic file exchanges, and payment dashboards.

Error-Eliminating Tool

Block duplicate escrow payments with software that improves accuracy and eliminates errors.

Automated Calculations

Set up one-time or monthly escrow payments and calculate amounts for homeowners and tax collectors.

Features built for a

Modern Government

Dynamic Reporting

Robust reporting at your fingertips to review payments made by time, date, payer, and parcel.

24/7 Portal Access

With 24/7 access to our portal, customers can log in whenever they need.

Parcel Number Searches

Banks, credit unions, and property owners can quickly find parcel information with smart search capabilities.

No Cost to Collectors

Our tool is fully funded by the end users with a small parcel fee to use the service.

"I have been very happy with Catalis Escrow Payment Management in my office. The Escrow Payment application is a one-stop solution that streamlines the process for all the escrow companies as well as our local banks, credit unions, etc. In addition to the reduction in refunds and duplicate payments, further staff time is saved because we can provide our tax file to the Catalis platform, which then shares the data with all the escrow companies and banks that request the data. It is easy to use, and customer support has always been very responsive."

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