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Integrated Payment Solutions

Next-level payment capabilities

Create a seamless payment experience with integrated payment solutions

The Future of

Integrated Payments

Powerful payment tools from Catalis help government agencies operate at peak efficiency. Our full-scale suite of integrated payment solutions intuitively aligns with your existing systems for comprehensive payment processing.

Software Integration

Integrate payments into your current system using APIs and other integration options

Worry-free Processing

Offer payments without the burden of PCI compliance and operational investment

Rapid Onboarding

Effortlessly add additional clients without development

Government Experts

Rely on a trusted solution built with deep government expertise to support launching payments

Features for an optimal payment experience


Resolve discrepancies and monitor transactions using our gov payment solution’s centralized dashboard.

Online & In-Person Payments

Our dynamic platform can be configured to accept both online and in-person payments with our hardware and software solutions.

Chargeback Resolution

Reverse transactions promptly with our chargeback resolution feature.

Compliant Solutions

Our solutions are PCI compliant and SOC 2 certified, supporting secure payment processing.

Learn more about the Catalis solutions that are modernizing governments across North America.

Explore more Payments solutions

Court Payments

Enhance your payment flexibility with a broader selection of payment options including digital wallets and crypto. Plus, our solutions are designed with court-specific logic and tailored to your agency.

Utility Payments

Empower citizens to establish recurring payments for utilities. Enable staff to leverage modernized operational tools that simplify reporting, reconciliation, and administrative tasks.

Tax Payments

Accept payments using a tax solution built to streamline clerical work and advance transaction visibility. You’ll also reduce time spent processing mailed payments with added digital payment options.

Child Support Solutions

Take control of your payments with a fully compliant solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing portals. You can launch payments easily with our solution, and make it part of your core service offering.