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College Savings (529)
Plan Administration

Innovative technology meets 529 expertise

Administer your state-specific college savings (529)
plan on a cutting-edge digital platform

Our innovative 529 digital solutions offer a variety of unique benefits, including increased efficiency, accessibility, and security. We pair our technology with unbeatable customer engagement and support to create a full-service solution that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual plan.

Deep Industry Expertise

Leverage the most experienced team in the industry with over 30 years of 529 plan administration expertise.

Top-Notch Client Support

Rely on our streamlined onboarding and unbeatable client support every step of the way.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Offer your constituents the first platform on the market to integrate savings, prepaid and ABLE account management under a single login.

Flexible Solutions

Customize our modular and configurable suite of solutions according to the unique needs of your plan.

Features built for a modern government

24/7 Online Enrollment

Equip your customers with tools that allow them to enroll when and where they choose.


Make it easier than ever for customers to maximize their benefits by offering a prepaid debit card to pay for eligible expenses.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access your data on-demand access with our comprehensive reporting suite.

Cloud-Based Document Upload

Easily upload documents and share forms using our cloud-based file-sharing tool.

Learn more about the Catalis solutions that are modernizing governments across North America.

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ABLE Savings (529A) Plan Administration

Promote savings and program growth with a flexible platform that supports state-level and national program structures. Our solution provides records administration and customer engagement services, adaptable to fit your needs.

Unemployment Insurance Solutions

Automate case workflows and prevent claim backlog with an end-to-end identity proofing and issue management system. Our cloud-based solution supports customized workflows and seamless system integration.

Regulatory Financial Service Compliance

Safeguard consumers and block non-compliant transactions in real time with our innovative financial compliance technology. Meet your agency’s regulatory needs with tailored solutions for all-size governments.