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Elevating Your Online Presence

Four Simple Website Best Practices

By Elisa Swedberg, Design Manager, Catalis Public Works & Citizen Engagement

As websites have evolved, the role of design has become essential, going beyond aesthetics to serve as a powerful language that enhances accessibility and usability. Embracing the right tools and best practices has become imperative in this technologically advancing landscape.

Design now guides users through vital information, and while captivating designs can enthrall, overlooking accessibility and usability leads to user frustration during navigation.

Four Simple Website Best Practices for Accessibility and Usability

1. Consider Colors Thoughtfully

While vibrant colors can captivate attention, their selection demands careful consideration for ensuring readability across a range of backgrounds. Prioritizing contrast elevates content visibility and fosters greater engagement.

2. Choose Fonts Carefully

Fonts embody unique personalities, yet not all contribute to optimal readability.Opt for simplistic sans-serif fonts, emphasizing clear content comprehension over decoration.

3. Make Images Accessible

When integrating images, emphasize catering to diverse user experiences. Images laden with extensive text hinder comprehension and are inaccessible to screen readers. Prioritize plain text for conveying pivotal messages, ensuring universal accessibility and inclusivity.

4. Prioritize Simplicity

Streamline both design and content for an optimal user experience. A deluge of content overwhelms not just users but also screen readers. Curate precise, purposeful elements to expedite access to vital information. Employ tools like images or accordions to partition content, augmenting user understanding.

By adopting these best practices, you can significantly enhance the user experience of your website, making it more inclusive, engaging, and effective.

With years of experience, these insights are invaluable for navigating the web landscape. Design transcends aesthetics, serving as a language that elevates visibility. Integrating these tips empowers both you and your users, considering efficient navigation. Each step toward online success holds significance as websites require investment. Prioritize user perspectives before incorporating vibrant colors or eccentric fonts. User-friendly navigation should remain a constant focus.

Why choose the Catalis Website Platform?

The Catalis Website Platform stands apart due to the expertise of seasoned designers. We provide not only visually appealing layouts, but designs tailored to residents’ needs. Our focus on usability, accessibility, and industry best practices propels your website forward. Vital information is presented in an easily digestible manner, enhancing online visibility. Choose Catalis for a website that ensures a comprehensive and effective digital presence beyond aesthetics.

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