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The Future of the Court System

How Online Court Solutions Can Help

As technology continues to advance, online court solutions are becoming more prevalent in the legal industry. Let’s explore what online court solutions are and how they can help overcome challenges faced by traditional courts.

Challenges Faced by Traditional Courts Without Online Court Solutions

The traditional court system faces a number of challenges without online court solutions. Time management is a major challenge, with labor-intensive systems and complex workflows leaving court teams with limited time for important tasks. Inefficient processes also pose a problem, as the lack of data insight and non-integrated systems can result in redundant work and errors. Under-staffing and case backlogs are also major issues, as staffing constraints make it challenging to keep up with reporting, case backlogs, and administrative duties. Finally, outdated software is a major problem, as legacy systems with little flexibility and limited capabilities lead to overburdened staff.

How Online Solutions Solve Problems

Online solutions can solve problems faced by courts, such as high caseloads and limited resources, by upgrading to a future-focused solution with integrated technologies. Catalis offers a portfolio of purposeful software tools designed to make an impact on communities across the nation. Our dynamic software streamlines court operations by integrating with existing systems, helping agencies to work efficiently and move forward.

Online Dispute Resolution

Catalis solutions include an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform that enables citizens to resolve common disputes virtually and securely, without having to visit a courthouse. The ODR solution increases access to justice and reduces administrative involvement, freeing up staff time for other impactful projects. The cloud-based SaaS solutions offer scalability, enhanced security, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. ODR can handle minor and routine proceedings entirely online, speeding up conflict resolution and reducing case backlogs. The integrated solution enables courts to manage workflows and case queues in a single platform. With Catalis’ Online Dispute Resolution solution, courts have seen a 72% reduction in average case duration, further demonstrating the effectiveness of our online court solutions.

E-file Solutions

Catalis offers a user-friendly e-file platform that simplifies court document filings. Users can prepare and submit documents entirely online with the help of a self-guided walkthrough process. The platform enables citizens to file documents from the comfort of their homes or workspaces, providing a more convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional filing methods. Catalis’ e-file solution also ensures accurate and complete submissions through a guided submission tool, reducing the need for redundant reviews. Automated workflows create all necessary forms and consolidate pre-filed submission documents, streamlining the filing process and maximizing efficiency.         

Jury management

Cohesive and seamless juror selection is essential to ensure a positive experience for citizens. Catalis’ Jury Management solution is designed to simplify the entire jury selection process, from maintaining and selecting jury pools to communicating with jurors and processing payments. With dynamic tools and a user-friendly platform, our solution enhances the juror experience and boosts the expectation of jury duty. Additionally, real-time notifications can be sent to jurors via text or email, and juror questionnaire data can be collected anytime, anywhere through an online portal. With self-service features like a flexible kiosk or mobile device check-in, our Jury Management solution increases juror satisfaction and streamlines court processes.

Official records management

Catalis’ solutions make official record management simpler and more efficient with a scan-first workflow, which digitizes the recording, indexing, and verification of documents while reducing errors and automating processes. Furthermore, Catalis’ solutions offer public access that allows citizens to access and purchase record copies without staff intervention. Adaptable workflows consolidate databases and eliminate the need for multiple logins, while digital archiving simplifies the indexing and verification of court documents.


Online court solutions offer numerous benefits for courts and legal proceedings, including increased efficiency, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. It is crucial for courts to consider adopting these solutions to streamline their operations and improve access to justice. Let’s embrace the power of technology and move toward a more efficient and accessible court system.

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