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A Conversation with Teresa Yeager, Executive Vice President Public Works & Citizen Engagement Vertical
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Request Management Enterprise

Receive citizen requests and address issues promptly with our user-friendly request management tool. Our solution organizes service requests and produces customizable reports.

Inventory Tracking & Work Order Management

Inventory Tracking tracks use of inventory for like trucks, supplies, equipment, and materials. Work Order Management tracks and documents maintenance activities, reports, audits, and allocates resources effectively.

Geographic Information System

Track field data with a unified, mobile-ready solution. Municipalities can leverage customizable geographic details for property insights, asset reporting, and tax information.

Weed & Pest Management

Easily track and manage infestations and inspections in the field using our mobile tool. Comply with legislative requirements and stay on top of agricultural tasks.

Infrastructure Management

Integrate and manage infrastructure asset data to be used by financial and public works personnel. Enable your government to make informed planning decisions with accurate reporting.

Enterprise Resource Planning (Canada)

Equip your municipality with impactful tools that combine a customizable financial platform with responsive support. Your staff can automate processes like compiling, analyzing, and sharing data.

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