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Delaware Labor Department Launches Best-in-Class Adjudication Software by Catalis

Catalis Resolve modernizes unemployment insurance adjudication process, enhances productivity quality, and streamlines citizen experience.

Atlanta, GA, February 20, 2024 – Delaware Department of Labor (DEDOL), in partnership with Catalis, has modernized its Unemployment Insurance system with Resolve, the best-in-class unemployment insurance (UI) adjudication software. Resolve will help manage DEDOL’s workload and reduce fraud by automatically importing fraud leads and other UI claim issues from multiple detection sources. The upgrades will streamline the UI adjudication process, maximize the efficiency of staff, and improve the experience for both claimants and employers.

“We are excited about providing a seamless and efficient process of adjudicating unemployment insurance claim issues to our DEDOL staff and those filing claims in the State of Delaware,” said Carolyn Nasser, Deputy Director and Project Lead for Business Transformation and Modernization.

“We are proud to partner with the Delaware DOL in their efforts to modernize their Unemployment Insurance adjudication process,” said Richard Stierwalt, Executive Vice President of Catalis Regulatory and Compliance. “We look forward to assisting them by increasing the productivity of their staff and streamlining the experience for their citizens.”

Resolve, like other Catalis UI solutions, is built on a modular framework, a development approach that divides the automation process into smaller, independent modules offering flexible system integration options. Resolve helps labor agencies:

  • Streamline claimant and employer outreach. Self-service portals, fact-finding question trees, rapid recommendations, determination correspondence, and crossmatch capabilities for issue detection all promote transparency, equity and consistency.
  • Support all UI issue types, from clerical to complex – including Identity, Separations, Non- Separations, and Wage and Earning.
  • Reduce manual paperwork and human error. The system powers an intelligently distributed workflow that flags fraud, trims backlogs and ensures alignment with U.S. Department of Labor policy and guidelines.

    Delaware has now joined 11 other states in utilizing Catalis’ proven, best-in-class UI benefit solutions.

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