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Catalis Modernizes Land Records Management for DeKalb County Superior Court

Fully Online Platform Transforms Land Records and Property Fraud Registry Alert System

Alpharetta, GA, November 28, 2023 – The DeKalb County (GA) Superior Court announces the modernization of its land record system with a state-of-the-art platform by Catalis. Catalis is a leading provider of government software, digital payments, and technology solutions for courts. The new Catalis platform provides seamless and efficient online management of land records by staff and citizens.

The DeKalb County Court will showcase the next generation of digital government, with online management of the entire land records process, from recording, indexing, and verification to public searching.

Additionally, the new land record system enhances the Property Fraud Registry Alert System, providing property owners with the ability to register and receive alerts anytime there is a recording on a property.

“Our office is pleased to offer our partners including businesses, constituents, and internal government departments this state-of-the-art client and public web-based access,” said Debra DeBerry, DeKalb County Superior Court Clerk. “We worked seamlessly with the DeKalb Technology and Innovation Department and Catalis, and are grateful for their partnership,” DeBerry states.

“Our mission is to empower courts with cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations and enhance public services,“ said Darin Rasmussen, EVP, Catalis Courts & Land Records. “The implementation of our innovative land record system at DeKalb County Superior Court is a testament to our commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and serving the community. We are proud to be a partner in modernizing the court’s operations and contributing to the protection of property owners through the enhanced Property Fraud Registry Alert System,” Rasmussen added.

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