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Catalis Launches Integration with PayPal for 529 College Savings Plans on National 529 Day

Alpharetta, GA, May 29, 2024 – On “National 529 Day,” Catalis announced an integration with PayPal for the next innovation for College Savings Accounts – digital wallet payments to fund 529 college savings accounts. The ease and speed of payment products like PayPal and Venmo will enable more parents, friends, and families to save for college. National 529 Day, recognized annually on May 29, is dedicated to showcasing the nation’s 529 plans and the value of investing in college savings accounts.

“We are excited to continue to work alongside PayPal by jointly leveraging our technology and scale to streamline the customer enrollment and payment experience for college savers,” said Scott Roza, CEO at Catalis. “Yesterday’s students are becoming today’s account owners. PayPal and Venmo will offer the next generation of users the easy, flexible, and secure payment options they expect.”

Catalis, a leading provider of software-enabled services for 529 college savings plans, will launch the first fully integrated digital wallet payment option for CollegeWell, sponsors of Private College 529, a nationwide, prepaid plan that allows families to lock in tuition rates at nearly 300 private colleges and universities. Catalis and PayPal plan to roll out the service to additional state plans throughout 2024.

On average, about 16 million families are saving for college through 529 plans, which provide unique tax advantages. 529 plans make it easier to budget and save for the cost of higher education at colleges and universities, technical and community colleges, trade schools, and many other post-secondary education programs.

The College Savings Plan Network and Invite Education teamed up to make it even easier to find and compare 529 plans across the country. To check out the tools, click here for search and comparison or here to find your state plan. If you would like to learn more about 529s, please visit:

About Catalis
Catalis is the transformational SaaS and payments solutions partner powering all levels and sizes of government – municipal, county, state, and federal. With deep expertise, a proven track record, and innovative digital solutions, Catalis has empowered public servants across the U.S. and Canada to modernize government and engage citizens. For more information, visit

About CollegeWell and Private College 529 Plan
CollegeWell is a pioneering organization committed to transforming the landscape of college savings. Through education and financial tools, CollegeWell provides families with guidance and support to pursue the best higher education opportunities for their children. CollegeWell is the sponsor of Private College 529 Plan, a nationwide, prepaid tuition plan that allows families to lock in tuition rates at nearly 300 private colleges, giving families flexibility and choice while making private college more accessible. For more information, visit

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