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Supplier Diversity Policy

How Catalis cares for the planet

Last Updated: March 14, 2023


Catalis’ mission is to “Harness technology to empower all levels of government to make their greatest possible contribution to the citizens they serve”. Our values include “Customer centricity, innovation, striving for excellence, empowerment, collaboration, and accountability.” We believe our mission and values, and in particular, the ability to empower government to serve citizens with excellence, innovation, and collaboration requires a diverse and fully participatory and competitive business community. With this in mind, we have created a Supplier Diversity Program and Policy to ensure that we are working with a diverse group of suppliers that share our values and beliefs.

We have also established a formal Supplier Diversity Program Office to oversee policy and programmatic implementation, development, and management. This program office is a joint effort between our human resources department and our sales operations department. Management responsibility for policy and implementation effectiveness is shared between our CHRO, and our VP for Sales Operations.

Program Goals & Objectives

Our supplier diversity program’s goal is to work with an increasing number of diverse suppliers so that we build capacity and marketability within these partners. We recognize that sharing our work efforts with a diverse supplier base will create new perspectives, innovation, and new solutions. We believe that by increasing diversity in our supply chain, together we will better serve our customers, promote sustainability in our operations, and make a positive economic impact on the communities we serve.

Action Steps

We have identified several action steps that we will take on an ongoing basis to achieve our supplier diversity program goals:

  1. Maintain an active supplier diversity program office to oversee the program’s implementation, development, and management.
  2. Continuously research and identify diverse suppliers that “fit” with our vision and values and meet our standards for quality, reliability, and competitive pricing.
  3. Establish and maintain outreach programs to encourage engagement with and the development of minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and other diverse businesses.
  4. Provide education and training to our employees on the importance and purpose of our supplier diversity initiatives.

Formal Procedures

Our supplier diversity program includes formal procedures to ensure that we are meeting our goals and objectives. These procedures include:

  1. Consistently monitoring and re-evaluating our process for tracking the economic impact of our supplier diversity program.
  2. Consistently monitoring and re-evaluating our criteria for selecting and evaluating diverse suppliers based on their vision, values, and experience.
  3. Consistently monitoring and re-evaluating our supplier diversity program’s effectiveness through regular reviews of supplier performance and feedback from our customers.
  4. Providing regular reports to senior management on the progress of our supplier diversity program


To measure the ongoing effectiveness of our supplier diversity program, we will capture several metrics including:

  1. The percentage of diverse suppliers in our supply chain.
  2. The amount of money spent on goods and services provided by diverse suppliers.
  3. The number of new diverse suppliers added to our supply chain each year.
  4. The economic impact of our supplier diversity program on the communities we serve.

At Catalis, we believe that our supplier diversity program is a critical part of our commitment to diversity, sustainability, and community involvement. We are dedicated to promoting a diverse and sustainable supply chain and creating a positive economic impact on the communities we serve. By implementing our supplier diversity program and policy, we believe we can achieve these goals and create a better future for our company and our customers.

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