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Calculate Your Savings

With Meeting Management

Calculate Your Savings - Catalis Meeting Management

Saving You Time and Money

Time is money and Meeting Management is proven to save you time and money by recovering your initial investment within year one while saving you approximately $3,100/year each year after.



# of Regular Meetings per Year

# of Committee Meetings per Year

Meetings (Staff, etc.)

Average Number of Packages Printed per Meeting

Average # of Pages in Agenda

Paper Costs per Ream (500 sheets)

Printing Costs per Page

Average Cost of Labor



Cost and Efficiency Savings



Savings in Paper*

Savings in Printing

Time Savings - Average 5 hours of Prep Time per Meeting

Savings in Minutes Creation

Time Saved Distributing Participant Packages - Average 20 Minutes per Meeting

Time Saved on Public Inquiries for Agenda Items

Total Annual Savings


5-Year Estimated Savings

5-Year Estimate of Trees Saved

* 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333 sheets -
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