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How Municipalities Can Build Connected Communities

Top Website Management Tricks for Enhanced Engagement

By Noshay Matanga, Product Manager, Catalis Public Works & Citizen Engagement

Municipalities need a strong online presence to stay connected with their communities in today’s digital era. A well-designed municipal website is a central hub for information, engagement, and services, allowing municipalities to communicate effectively with residents. By leveraging modern website management strategies, municipalities can enhance engagement and build more connected communities.

Responsive Designs for Ubiquitous Access

One of the most critical aspects of modern website management is ensuring that websites are responsive. A responsive design adapts seamlessly to any device, whether a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This is essential for municipalities, as residents increasingly access information online. Adaptive, responsive designs integrated with a robust content management system (CMS) ensure that municipal websites provide a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices. Municipalities can reach a broader audience by prioritizing responsiveness and ensuring essential information is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Key Features for Enhanced Engagement and Management

Alert Notifications for Timely Communication

Timely communication is paramount for municipalities, especially during emergencies or important events. An alert notifications feature enables municipalities to manage banner and alert messages that appear when people visit the website. This feature is invaluable for disseminating critical information quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s weather alerts, public safety announcements, or community event reminders, alert notifications ensure that residents are always informed and prepared.

Online Form Builder for Streamlined Services

Municipalities provide many services that often require residents to submit forms. An online form builder allows municipalities to develop and manage their own online submission forms, specifying where submissions are emailed. This feature streamlines processes such as permit applications, service requests, and event registrations, making it more convenient for residents to interact with municipal services. Municipalities can enhance service delivery and improve overall community satisfaction by simplifying form submissions.

Community Calendars for Enhanced Engagement

Community calendars are a powerful tool for promoting local events and fostering community spirit. Creating and managing multiple community calendars allows municipalities to showcase local events and encourage resident participation. An updated and well-organized community calendar is a central hub for residents to stay informed about local happenings.

Comprehensive Document Management

Efficient document management is crucial for municipalities that handle many public records. A document management feature allows municipalities to create and categorize unlimited folders and documents, with options for permission inheritance and bulk file uploading. This feature ensures that important documents are easily accessible to municipal staff and residents. Municipalities can enhance transparency and facilitate better communication with their constituents by maintaining a well-organized document repository.

Business Directories to Support Local Commerce

Supporting local businesses is vital for a thriving community. The business directories feature allows municipalities to create and manage directories that include business location mapping. This tool promotes local commerce and provides residents with a valuable resource to find and support local businesses. Municipalities can contribute to economic growth and community well-being by fostering a supportive environment for local enterprises.

Municipal Mobile Apps for Integrated Engagement

A municipal mobile app integrated with a website is essential for modern municipalities to enhance community engagement and streamline services. Offering user-friendly form submissions, a community event calendar, and easy document access keeps residents informed and connected. Features like a business directory and location mapping support local commerce and promote economic growth. This seamless integration fosters a more connected, engaged, and well-informed community.

Additional Features

Municipal websites benefit from additional features that enhance engagement and streamline operations. From polls and maps to image galleries and meeting management, each tool is designed to address specific needs, ensuring comprehensive website management and superior user experience.


Building a connected community requires a strategic approach to website management. By prioritizing responsiveness, collaboration, timely communication, streamlined services, and comprehensive information management, municipalities can create exceptional websites that serve as dynamic platforms for information and engagement. Having crafted over 1,000 municipal websites since 1999, Catalis offers a comprehensive solution tailored to municipalities’ unique needs. Partner with Catalis to transform your municipal website into a powerful tool that empowers and connects your community. Let’s collaborate and build something amazing together.

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