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Environmental Policy

Last Updated: March 14, 2023


Catalis’ mission is to “Harness technology to empower all levels of government to make their greatest possible contribution to the citizens they serve”. Our values include “Customer centricity, innovation, striving for excellence, empowerment, collaboration, and accountability.” We believe our values, in particular our focus on both individual and corporate accountability, require a deep commitment to operational responsibility and environmental conscientiousness. With this in mind, we have created a Corporate Environmental Policy to ensure that we are working with a diverse group of suppliers that share our values and beliefs.

Program Goals & Objectives

Our Corporate Environmental Policy represents a commitment from leadership to employees, customers, and the community. Sustainability and protecting the environment are a priority at Catalis. Our approach to protecting the environment is to identify goals to address environmentally significant impacts from our products and business operations.  Our most material environmental issues are energy and greenhouse gases, managing product end-of-life, and implementing circular economy principles to conserve resources.


  1. Operate our business in a manner that reduces our impacts on the environment, prevents pollution, and protects the environment and resources.
  2. Manage the life cycle of our products, solutions, and services in an environmentally responsible manner.
  3. Maintain full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other obligations. When our own requirements are more stringent, we operate to these higher standards. We require this same compliance of our partners and contractors.
  4. Continue to evaluate and review annually the impact of our business on the environment, set goals to reduce these impacts, and measure our progress; and report performance to our stakeholders and the public.
  5. Continually improve environmental and corporate social responsibility performance.

Formal Procedures

    1. Establish baselines. Baselines will serve as reference points to measure progress.
    2. Establish targets: Catalis will set targets for each metric based on program objectives.
    3. Implement strategies: Catalis will implement strategies to achieve its targets. Strategies may include reducing waste, using energy-efficient technologies, sourcing sustainable materials, and complying with environmental regulations.
    4. Monitor progress: Catalis will regularly monitor progress towards achieving targets. This may involve tracking data, conducting audits, and reporting progress.
    5. Report performance: Catalis will report its performance to stakeholders annually. This report should include data on each metric, progress towards achieving targets, and any challenges the organization faced during the reporting period.


    1. Carbon footprint reduction: This metric measures the carbon footprint of the organization. Action steps include prioritizing hosting partners with measurable sustainability practices, monitoring the amount of energy used, and monitoring the distance traveled by employees for business purposes.
    2. Waste reduction: This metric measures the amount of waste produced. Action steps include identifying the type of waste produced, setting waste reduction targets, and implementing waste reduction strategies.
    3. Sustainable sourcing: This metric measures the amount of sustainable materials the organization sources. Action steps include identifying sustainable materials, setting sustainable sourcing targets, and implementing sustainable sourcing strategies.
    4. Compliance with environmental regulations: This metric measures Catalis’ compliance with environmental regulations. Action steps include staying up to date with the latest environmental regulations, implementing compliance strategies, and conducting regular audits to ensure compliance.

At Catalis, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and protecting natural resources through our environmental responsibility program. By identifying our most material environmental issues, setting measurable goals, and implementing sustainable strategies, we strive to minimize energy consumption, greenhouse gases, and waste while preserving our planet’s health for future generations. We will continue to evaluate our progress and seek opportunities for further improvements.

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