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Unlocking Reliability, Accessibility, and Security

The Benefits of Governments Embracing Cloud-Based Payment Solutions

By Pat Harper, Chief Technology Officer, Catalis

Using cloud-based payment processing software offers a range of benefits for governments, including:

1. Accessibility
2. Scalability
3. Reliability
4. Security
5. Cost-effectiveness

In addition to these benefits, with Catalis Payments, we have the ability to quickly add new payment methods and features. Traditional payment processing systems can be slow to adopt new payment methods and features, as they require costly and time-consuming hardware and software upgrades.  With our cloud-based payment processing software, clients can easily add new payment methods and features as they become available. For example, clients can quickly integrate popular payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay, which can help to improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

In addition, Catalis clients can also integrate emerging payment methods like cryptocurrencies, which can help to service a new generation of citizens and increase revenue streams. By adopting new payment methods and features, clients can improve engagement and stay current with the latest technologies.

Another benefit of Catalis Payments processing is that our software offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. With Catalis Performance Center integrated with Catalis Payments, clients can access real-time insights into their payment processing metrics, including transaction volume, payment sources, and payment status. This data can be used to optimize payment processing, improve government operations, and make data-driven decisions.

Clients that use our cloud-based payment processing software for state and local governments benefit from our architected solution for disaster recovery and business continuity. In the event of a natural disaster, system failure, or other disruptive event, our payment processing software can help government agencies quickly recover their payment processing operations and maintain business continuity.

Catalis Payments includes a robust disaster recovery and backup capability imbedded directly into our operation via our Cloud Team. This helps to ensure that critical payment data is protected and is resilient in the event of a disruption. This is particularly important for state and local governments, which may need to process payments in a timely manner in order to meet their obligations to constituents. Furthermore, Catalis Payments software can be accessed from multiple geographic locations, which means that payment processing operations can be quickly switched to a backup location if necessary. This can help to ensure that payment processing operations can continue even in the event of a localized disruption. By using Catalis Payments for disaster recovery and business continuity, state and local governments can help to minimize downtime and maintain critical payment processing operations.

Catalis Payments also integrates with our solutions for Courts, Land Records, Tax, and Regulatory/Compliance. While Catalis Payments can be used as a stand-alone service, we can also provide benefits through the native integration with a host of other services that allows our clients to simplify their operations by partnering with a single vendor.

All of this boils down to improved Citizen engagement and better government operations. Our solution offers the best of breed in:

1. Convenience
2. Speed
3. Security
4. Transparency
5. Efficiency

Citizens and their communities will benefit in many ways from their state and local governments using Catalis Payments. By partnering with us for payments, government agencies can provide citizens with a modern, efficient, and secure payment experience that meets their unique needs and requirements that grows right along with their communities.

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